Digital Strategy: Boost my Marketing Strategy

From zero to hero

Digital strategy doesn’t just define what you have to do, it is as much about what you don’t do

By working together with our talented team of experts in film making, and our digital strategist crew, your are sure to reach the most signifiant target for your brand.

A digital strategy requires 3 key elements

  1. First .. A diagnosis that defines the challenge. It’s a realistic understanding of the current state of the business and market.
  2. Second… A guiding policy for dealing with the challenge. A policy directs action while also ruling out other approaches.
  3. And third … it’s a set of coherent actions to accomplish the policy. This is how you overcome the complexity and conflict that plagues most companies.

So how do we build a comprehensive digital strategy for our custommer ?

1. Buyer personas

We provide you a workshop to help you find your buyer personas.

Buyer personas represent your ideal customer(s) and can be created by researching, surveying, and interviewing your business’s target audience. It’s important to note that this information should be based upon real data.Making assumptions about your audience can cause your marketing strategy to take the wrong direction. So that’s why we provide you a workshop to help you find your buyer personas.

For that we will gather with you quantitative and demographic information about your target such as location, age, income, job title,…

But also qualitative and psychographic information such as what they are looking to achieve, the common problems your audience face,their hobbies, their interests, what your audience values toward their relation to your business.

2. Define your goals and measure the result

During the workshop, we define or redefine your goals to enlight what really matters to you.

So whatever your goal is, you need to know how to measure the results, and more important, actually be able to measure them. That’s why we’ll provide tools where you are able to see the effectiveness of our method. It’s vital for us to ensure you’re able to do so, as it’s these metrics which will help you adjust the strategy we develop with you in the future.

3. The big picture

During the workshop, we evaluate your existing digital strategy marketing channels and assets.

When considering your available digital marketing channels or assets to incorporate into your digital strategy, first we need to analyse your existing media.

Your owned media

Website, social media profiles, blog content, or imagery, owned channels are the things your business has complete control over.

Your earned media

It is the earned through word-of-mouth like press mentions, positive reviews, other people sharing your content on social media…

Your paid media

It refers to any channel that you spend money on to catch the attention of your buyer personas such as paid social media post, Google AdWords, native advertising. In fact, any medium for which you directly pay in exchange for visibility.

We gather what you have, put it in a spreadsheet. So you have a clear picture of your existing owned, earned, and paid media.

The three type of media will work together to help you meet your goal.

4. The (he)art of digital marketing

Content creation is the key to nourish your popularity and drive client attention to you.

Together we build your digital strategy. So we need to decide what content is going to help you reach your goals trough the workshop.

Content helps convert your website and social media visitors into leads and customers, therefore, it boost any efforts you have around search/organic traffic.

But first… Audit and identifying gaps

We make a list of your existing owned content, and rank each item according to what has previously performed best in relation to your current goals.

The idea here is to figure out what’s currently working, and what’s not, to success when planning future content.

By looking at your content audit, and based on your buyer personas, we identify any gaps in the content you have.

Now it is the time to create a content creation plan

Ok so we take a spreadsheet…

Create rows with the Title, Format, Goal, Promotional channels, Why we create it, Priority level and budget information

And voila… all gear up !

Well… not yet but we are close !

We need to audit and plan your earned media

The idea here is to build up a picture of what earned media will help you reach your goals, and what won’t, based on historical data.

Look at where your traffic and leads are coming. Rank each earned media source from most effective to least effective.

And last one…

We need to audit and plan your paid media

By the end of the process, we should have a clear idea of which paid media platforms you want to continue using, and which you’d like to remove from your strategy.

5. Bring it all together

Planning… Done !

Research… Done !

Solid vision of the elements that are going to make up your digital strategy… Done !

We make series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goal using online marketing for the next 12 months. That way, we can overlay when we’ll be executing each action

We are also creating a structured timeline for your activity, which will help communicate plans to your colleagues.

Soooo… You want to reach an other level or stay in your concurrent’s shadows ?